[NUMBUZIN] No.2 Thermal Water 89% Mineral Toner 200ml

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This product provides dry skin with an onsen.
It has become milder after customer have said that they are satisfied with the product and will buy it again, it is good for inner skin dryness but has too strong of a rose scent, and it would be good to have no BHA since it's too stimulating for a everyday toner pack. .
Compared to the previous two toners, the stimulation has been lowered so it can be used as a low-stimulating dead skill removal ingredient, the scent has been reduced to only leave a subtle hint, and the moisture has been increased by 207.4% according to testing. .
Recommended for dry and taut skin, rough skin texture due to dead skin cells, and dull and dark skin tones.
No.2 Thermal Water 89% Mineral Toner 200m_description