[MiseEnScene] [Renew]Perfect Original Serum Shampoo 680ml


[MiseEnScene] [Renew]Perfect Original Serum Shampoo 680ml


- Contains perfect oil film which completely rrestores damages, looks soft, shiny, smooth.
- The shampoo tends to improve splits ends & damage after chemical process, strengths of your hair, shinning, moisturizing your hair.
- A nourishing care shampoo that provides the nourishment of a perfect serum to give soft hair to the end. 
- Perfect serum shampoo provides nutrition care. Softness even after drying. Lovely floral scent. 
- No treatment required serum shampoo. Gentle without tangles when rinsing. Soft and shiny look after drying hair. 
- Contains 7 noble oils to provide nutrients needed for hair. Premium gel to foam formulation. 
- The foam absorbs and removes wastes, nourishes the hair and provides a coating effect. 
- Lovely fresh scent of citrus, green apples, orange blossom floral and lily that goes well with any other hair treatment.