[MIXSOON] Heartleaf Essence 100ml

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[MIXSOON] Heartleaf Essence 100ml


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How to use

mixsoon Heartleaf Essence is suitable to use for both morning and evening skincare routines.
Apply the essence after toning and before any serums and creams. Suitable for daily use.

For Daily Use

After cleansing and toner, apply a few drops to the entire face with your hands or using a cotton pad.
Pat in until fully absorbed.

Select 3 From mixsoon 12 Layering Essences To Suit Your Skin Concerns

centella asiatica essence

Each mixsoon essence focuses on ONE core ingredient.

Pick and mix from the 12 types to make your own unique triple care routine for enhanced skin glow, tone, and texture.

Apply the three essences in the order of essence color, from light to dark. The lighter the color, the lighter the density meaning quicker absorption.

Follow this order to see the best results.